Welcome to BPSOS-Houston!

BPSOS-Houston DonateWe’re glad you’re stopping by to learn what we have to offer. We’re proud to serve the Houston Vietnamese-American community and beyond, and grateful that we have so many great partners, funders, and leaders working with us.

Please have a look at our programs and services. If something interests you, give us a call or send an email to learn more about how to become involved or get support. There are many ways to receive assistance – or give it!

We are always looking for more leaders to strengthen our ties to the community.

Call us at the number listed below or stop by our office for a visit:
(281) 530-6888, 11360 Bellaire Blvd., Ste 910, Houston, TX 77072

We look forward to getting to know you!

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Community Profile

BPSOS-Houston is one of your oldest neighbors. We were founded in 1999 in the nation’s fourth-largest city, where one in four adults is foreign-born. The Houston metropolitan area is home to the second-largest Vietnamese population in the United States (outside of California) with over 100,000 Vietnamese living in the region.

BPSOS-Houston was established to meet your needs, whether you are a senior, a low-income person or family, a survivor of a disaster like Hurricane Ike, a survivor of violence or exploitation, or another community member we can help in some way. Our mission is to help you overcome barriers to information and services, including limited English proficiency, low literacy, low income, lack of transportation, and cultural barriers so that you can live a self-sufficient, resilient, and healthy life.