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Boat People SOS (BPSOS) - Houston is a non-profit social and legal services provider whose purpose is to empower, organize, and equip immigrant communities in their pursuit of liberty and dignity. Our branch provides education, information, and direct assistance to immigrant and refugee families on potential health and legal issues prevalent in the immigrant communities. BPSOS services range from health awareness prevention programs, legal services for low-income families and victims of violence and crime, youth advocacy and senior services programs to encourage community engagement, advocacy, and volunteerism.

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BPSOS - Houston’s Legal Services Center is a non-profit legal service provider serving the needs of low-income individuals in the Vietnamese and minority communities of Houston. The mission of the Legal Services Center is to provide meaningful access to high quality, civil legal services that are culturally-sensitive and linguistically-appropriate to low-income persons and members of vulnerable populations throughout Harris and surrounding counties. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Legal Services Center advocates for and assists in family law, applying for immigration benefits, family sponsorship, permanent residency or U.S. citizenship applications, and other basic civil legal services. The Legal Services Center provides reduced fee and free services to those who qualify.
To schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys, please call (281) 530-6888.
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Visit us at https://stoptxeviction.org
(Funded By: Texas Access To Justice Foundation, Houston Immigration Legal Services Collaborative, Houston Endowment, Inc.)
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BPSOS - Communities Against Domestic Violence Program (CADV) offers a full range of culturally-sensitive, linguistically-appropriate services including:
  • 24-hour crisis response hotline;

  • crisis counseling;

  • safety-planning and ongoing emotional support;

  • accompaniments in court, police stations, medical facilities;

  • translation assistance;

  • public benefits application assistance;

  • connections to counseling;

  • crime victim compensation assistance; and

  • shelter and/or housing relocation. 

The CADV Team also provide legal advocacy and representation in family, immigration, or other civil matters through our Legal Services Center.  Each year, BPSOS-Houston’s CADV advocates and attorneys support hundreds of immigrant women and men facing abuse in their lives. If you or someone you know needs help, please call (713)294-9106.


Sexual Assault Program aims to provide trauma informed, culturally and linguistically appropriate supportive services, including crisis intervention, access to mental health and health care providers, and ongoing emotional support to nurture the healing process of survivors of sexual assault. Services include trauma informed care, referrals to legal consultations and representations, referrals to short and long term counseling, crisis intervention, safety planning, emotional support, accompaniments, and access to medical care. If you or someone you know needs help, please call (713)294-9106.

Victims of Exploitation and Trafficking Assistance (VETA) provides direct services including legal representation to immigrant victims of human trafficking. The VETA team also conducts outreach to the community, service providers and law enforcement to increase awareness of human trafficking and victim identification. 
Funded By: Office of the Attorney General, The Criminal Justice Division of the Office of the Governor, Office on Violence Against Women, Administration for Children and Family, and the Simmons Foundation.
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BPSOS - Citizenship Program provides a culturally and linguistically specialized curriculum and instructor-led classroom environment for adults to prepare for their U.S. Citizenship and Naturalization examination, develop civic skills, or improve their English as Second Language (ESL) proficiency.  Classes are available during the weekday evenings and on Saturdays. To get more information on class times and availability, please text in English, Vietnamese, or Spanish to Danielle Mullen at (281) 826-9870 or call our front office at (281) 530-6888. ​
Please visit our BPSOS-Houston facebook page for updates:   https://www.facebook.com/BPSOS.Houston/
ESL Classes Schedule ONLINE!:

Tuesday & Thursday 6pm-7:30pm / Saturday 2-3:30pm​.  See ESL class schedule below.

**NOTE: Must REGISTER, please text 281-826-9870**

BPSOS - Monthly Citizenship Workshops ONLINE! provide information on citizenship requirements, eligibility screenings, and free application assistance by trained volunteers and attorneys. Fee waiver assistance is also available for those who qualify. To register for our citizenship workshops, please text your name to Danielle Mullen at (281) 826-9870 or call our front office at (281) 530-6888. ​Start your application today by clicking here.
2021 Citizenship Workshops and Class Schedules ONLINE! :
 NOTE:  REGISTRATION REQUIRED for citizenship workshops.  Please text name to:  281-826-9870

Virtual Citizenship Workshops Saturdays from 10am – 12 pm:  

1.  January 23rd @ 10AM - 12PM 

2.  February 20th @ 10AM - 12PM 

3.  March 20th @ 10AM - 12PM 

4.  April 17th @ 10AM - 12PM 

5.  May 15th @ 10AM - 12PM 

6.  June 12th @ 10AM - 12PM 

7.  July 17th @ 10AM - 12PM 

8.  Aug. 21st @ 10AM - 12PM   

9.  Sept. 18th @ 10AM - 12PM       

10.  Oct. 23rd @ 10AM - 12PM 

11.  Nov. 13th @ 10AM - 12PM 

12.  Dec. 11th @ 10AM - 12PM 

13. Jan. 22nd, 2020 @ 10AM - 12PM 

2021 Citizenship & ESL Class Schedule ONLINE! :

 **NOTE: Must REGISTER, please text 281-826-9870**


Citizenship classes: 3 days a week: Tues. & Thurs. from 6PM - 8PM & Saturdays 2pm – 4pm. New classes starts every three months. 

1.  January 5th 

2.  April 6th 

3.  July 6th 

4.  Oct. 5th 

5.  Jan. 6th, 2022 



ESL Classes: 

*Schedule will be announced in January 2021

Funded By: USCIS Citizenship & Integration Program, Asian Americans Advancing Justice | Los Angeles, New American Campaign, East West Bank, The Albert & Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation
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HAPP-Breast Program assists women to get their annual mammograms through case management, information and referral services, monthly outreach and education, and supporting and organizing support groups. 

Funded By: Susan G. Komen Houston

​HAPP-Cancer assists women to get screened for colon cancer, cervical cancer, and Hepatitis B & C through case management, info and referral services, monthly outreach and education, and supporting and organizing support groups. 
Funded By: Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas
HAPP-Access to Healthcare assists families to receive Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP, and SNAP through case management, information and referral services, monthly outreach and education, and supporting and organizing support groups.

Funded By: Episcopal Health Foundation

HAPP-Mobile Wellness conducts monthly wellness screenings and educational workshops for Vietnamese and other Asians across the southeast Houston region, including rural areas of Galveston, Brazoria, Chambers, Matagorda, etc.
HAPP-Wellness Screening available the second Wednesday of every month at our BPSOS - Houston Office


Wellness Schedule for 2019 (9am - 1pm)​
  • October 9th

  • November 13th

  • December 11th

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​Get Out To Vote (GOTV) is aimed at increasing civic and electoral participation within the Vietnamese and AAPI community by implementing a nonpartisan program to educate and mobilize the community.

Funded by: APIAVote

Occupational Safety Training was established in 2000 and the Community Awareness Campaign on Occupational Safety (CACOS) has developed a track record of success in informing and training Vietnamese Americans on OSHA-related issues.  BPSOS has developed Vietnamese-language materials, trained Vietnamese-speaking trainers, provided training and technical assistance to Vietnamese workers and employers, and disseminated information among Vietnamese communities.  With few exceptions, all existing OSHA materials in Vietnamese were developed by BPSOS in various formats: print, audio and video.  In 2005, we published the compendium of many of these materials in a Vietnamese-language publication titled “Safety and Health in the Workplace.” Our ongoing project focuses on the safety and health of nail salon workers and owners including recognizing chemical hazards, eliminating hazards, preventing aches and pains, Personal Protected Equipment (PPE), infectious diseases, and rights as a workers and employers.

Funded by: Occupational Safety and Health Administration

​Senior Services assist those over the age of 60 adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle, BPSOS-Houston senior services provides a full range of linguistically and culturally competent services including:
  • Monthly Senior Support Group gatherings at the BPSOS office on Fridays from 10am -12pm

  • Monthly Senior Yoga Classes at the BPSOS office on Fridays from 9am – 10am

  • Field Trips to Texas attractions, museums, outlet malls, etc.

  • Volunteer opportunities at cultural festivals, back to school fairs, health fairs, and community gardens

  • Health awareness and prevention services through our many HAPP programs

  • Legal education, information, and representation through our Legal Services Center


For more information, please contact Minh Nguyet Tran at (832) 300-5556

Disaster Relief and Recovery Services provides help, support, and advocacy for survivors of natural disasters by offering case management services including benefits assistance, housing assistance and referrals, legal assistance, and direct emergency

COVID19 updates and resources on CDC, How to Protect Yourself & Others: 


Thank you to our COVID19 funders!

-Greater Houston Community Foundation & United Way of Greater Houston

-David Weekley Family Foundation

Thank you to our Hurricane Harvey Funders!

-Greater Houston Community Foundation Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund
-American Red Cross
-Bank of Hope
-Comcast Corporation (Houston Region)
-Susan G. Komen Houston
-Texas Access to Justice Foundation
-The Houck Family Foundation
-BNY Mellon Charitable Gift Fund

-Asian American Bar Foundation

Volunteer Opportunities

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We depend on volunteers to further our organization’s missions and goals. If you would like to share your time and talent, email our volunteer coordinator, Danille Mullen at danielle.mullen@bpsos.org, and we will get in touch with you. We have frequent volunteer orientations, and we would be delighted to see you there. See below to know more about our past volunteers' experiences.


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