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Minh's husband forced her to do unspeakable things and threatened to rape her if she refused.

September 30, 2019


domestic violence



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No one knows what goes on behind closed doors.


By all appearances my husband was a professional, handsome man. No one suspected a thing. Not even my two sons. The abuse started months into our marriage. At first it was nothing too serious.


He would want sex at all times, even if I was tired or not in the mood. I thought nothing of it. 

He would hit me when I did something to upset him. He would never do it in front of our children. He had an appearance to maintain, and he maintained it well. As the years went on, his sexual preferences got stranger and more abusive.


The final straw was when he told me he wanted to record me having sex with our beloved dog.


I felt sick to my stomach. I vehemently refused which enraged him. He threatened to beat me if I didn’t oblige his request and still I refused.


Finally he grabbed me and promised if I didn’t do this he would get his friend to come over and violently rape me. I had no choice.

I don’t remember how I got ahold of BPSOS – Houston’s hotline number but I did. I showed up at the office, visibly shaken and nauseous. I wanted to die. My case manager proceeded to call the cops and SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). They took away our dog and my husband. BPSOS helped me file for divorce. They also provided counseling for me and got me full custody of my two sons.


Because of the generosity and help of BPSOS I am able to move past the violence committed against me and start anew.

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