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Duc's wife forced him to leave school and knew he couldn't stay in America without her.

September 30, 2019


domestic violence



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I traveled to America on a student visa with the hopes of graduating college and helping my family in Vietnam.


I applied for a job at a nail salon, and the owner took a very special interest in me. She would often invite me back to her place to have dinner and would treat me very fondly. As time passed, our feelings grew for each other and she asked me to marry her.


I was young and in love and that summer we went to California to make our marriage official.


When we got back to Houston, she told me that I didn’t need to go to school anymore. She would provide for me. 

She began to maintain tight control over all aspects of my life. I became a submissive servant who took care of her two kids from her previous marriage.


I could never talk about returning to school otherwise it would put her in a mood and she would slap and kick me. The abuse went on for months.


I couldn’t leave because I no longer had my student VISA so I technically was supposed to go back to Vietnam. I needed her and she took advantage of that. 

I heard the number for BPSOS – Houston one day in the car. I quickly dialed the number and asked for help. The lawyers at BPSOS worked hard to help me divorce my wife. They also applied for VAWA, which I was granted. VAWA allows immigrants who are married to abusive US citizens or lawful permanent residents to stay in the United States, get a work permit, and eventually get a green card. I now have a job working at a radio station.


I am so grateful for BPSOS. I finally feel like I am back on the right track and can eventually bring my family over here.  

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