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Viet's wife forced him to work without pay and left him to fend for himself when he protested.

September 30, 2019


domestic violence



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My wife brought me from Vietnam to America in order to pursue her dream of opening up a nail salon.


She was successful in her business but because of it, she had tight control over me. I was forced to do the grunt work and was never given any money. There was no need for it, she said. You have a place to sleep.


Whenever I would protest, she would threaten to call Immigration on me and have me deported. I depended on her for everything. 

One morning on the way to work, I asked for $20. I told her it was embarrassing that I never had any money for myself and I helped her out a lot I deserved at least that. She pulled the car over and forced me out, calling me ungrateful.


She told me to find my own way back. 

I found a victim hotline and ended up calling BPSOS – Houston. The case manager picked up from the middle of the highway and helped me find a place to stay. There were no shelters designated primarily for men, so I had to stay in a homeless shelter.


Eventually my wife called me, begging for me to come back. She promised to change and I temporarily went back. After suffering through her verbal and mental abuse again, I called BPSOS again to make a permanent change.

The lawyers at the organization helped me file for divorce. They also helped my application for VAWA, which was approved.


I was so dependent on my ex-wife before I got in touch with BPSOS – Houston. Now I can depend on myself.  

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