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In the event of disasters, BPSOS is a first-responder, bringing immediate relief and recovery services to communities through direct assistance and short-term case management. We have also implemented long-term case management and community redevelopment initiatives, where individuals, families,and communities affected by natural or human-made disasters recover and rebuild their lives.
With 35 years of experience working with immigrant and refugee populations in times of crisis, BPSOS has become a leading authority in long-term recovery case management for high needs populations. BPSOS has assisted thousands of families affected by Hurricane Ike, Hurrican Rita, and Hurricane Katrina.

BPSOS assisted over 4,000 families through Katrina and Rita Relief and Recovery Program, securing them $16.5 million in aid, placing 850 in homes, and referring 265 to jobs, while building capacity for 12 faith-based and community relief organizations. 


Hundreds of BPSOS’ client families were African-Americans and other non-Vietnamese.

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