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Empower Refugees: Buy a Bag

The air is getting crisper, snow flurries are falling, and some brave souls are already playing Christmas music. The holidays are right around the corner! And that also means that we need to start thinking about our shopping lists.

As you start your holiday shopping this year, check out the fantastic selection of handcrafted bags, purses, clothing, and other items offered at CHAMALiiN is a BPSOS partner that trains and employees Vietnamese Hmong refugees living in Thailand. Hmong families utilize their embroidering and sewing skills to create beautiful, traditional products. Their embroidery, called "paj ntaub" (pronounced "pan dow"), traditionally reflects nature and animal designs. In addition to providing a livelihood, CHAMALiiN offers language and business skills training to jump start the careers of these refugees.

If you would like to support these families, consider buying some beautiful and unique holiday gifts from CHAMALiiN on or on their Facebook page: After deducting postage and shipping costs, all proceeds will go directly to the approximately 60 Vietnamese Hmong families living in Thailand.

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